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When designing our institute, our main priority was to create a facility that offers you the highest standard of medical services in a luxurious and comfortable environment. We want our patients to feel at home during their stay, as we firmly believe that being comfortable and calm speeds up the healing process.

Our complex services enable you to go through with all the necessary examinations and screenings (for e.g.: laboratory tests, chest X-ray, ultrasound examinations, ECG) before your surgery at the same place and time in our institute to spare you the wait.

After the surgery, you can recover in the exclusive environment of our single or double-bed sick rooms equipped with everything you might need for your peace and comfort. Our sick rooms contain air conditioning, a mini bar with free beverages, a safe, an LCD TV, CD/DVD media library, WiFi, fresh newspapers, slippers, a bathrobe, toiletries and dental care products. Depending on the type of the surgery and your condition, we provide á la carte meals with vegetarian, diet or other special food on demand.

In case of a plastic surgery, we provide you with all the necessary medication and depending on the type of surgery you had, all the special clothing items and medical devices (for e.g. elastic stockings to prevent thrombosis or a special bra for newly augmented breasts) you will need during your hospital stay.

If you still need our assistance after you have been discharged, you can contact us on our 24-hour available medical hotline anytime.

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