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Three Hangodys at Dr. Rose

Prof. László Hangody’s own father was a general surgeon, and now two of Prof. Hangody’s three sons - Dr. László Rudolf Hangody and Dr. György Márk Hangody - have become orthopedic surgeons as well. Many doctors have an inherited vocation within their families, but it is very much a rarity for some surgeries to be performed together by a father and his two sons. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, everything is provided to perform orthopedic surgeries and related research and innovation using state-of-the-art surgical techniques. We asked the Professor and his sons about family, sports, the profession, scientific research, and the future of orthopedics.

Pollen allergy - why is an investigation important?

With the advent of the ragweed season, those who are sensitive will face difficult weeks if they are not prepared in time for the symptoms that regularly arrive in summer’s second half. Together with our expert, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s allergist Dr. Magdolna Krasznai, we gathered the most important information about testing, medication, and immunotherapy.

Intimate laser treatment without taboos

In addition to incontinence, intimate laser treatment also provides a solution to many other problems, and with its help we can even avoid surgery and improve our quality of life. The affected age group is wider than we might think. Intimate laser treatment can provide a long-term solution to the discomfort caused by incontinence and hormonal changes too. Dr. Illés Balogh, a gynecologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, answers questions that affect many of us.

Unpleasant symptoms - urinary tract infection

Even if we search the English dictionary for the literal equivalent of the Hungarian word ’felfázás’, we’re unlikely to find it. Instead of the term ’the common cold’ (megfázás in Hungarian) used in everyday vocabulary, cystitis, or lower urinary tract infection, is appropriate here. Dr. József Varga, a urologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, answers questions about the symptoms that affect many women.

Manager screenings - not just for managers

Manager screening was first recommended by multinational companies to their senior employees to ensure the health of workers exposed to high workloads and stress through screening tests. Nowadays, one of the most important parts of disease prevention is the comprehensive annual screening that is recommended for any job and life situation. According to Dr. habil Ádám Lelbach, a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, in addition to a healthy diet, a physically active lifestyle and the screening and early detection of diseases is one of the secrets of longevity.

Sunbathe wisely!

Summer is here again, the carefree period of holidays, the beach, and sunbathing. So, let’s prepare for the summer season so that our skin doesn’t get lasting memories. While enjoying the summer and various outdoor activities, we need to protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation. According to research by the Mayo Clinic in America, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, with more than 2 million cases diagnosed each year, and one in five Americans developing skin cancer. Unfortunately, these proportions are similar in the rest of the world. The steps for prevention are summarized here by Dr. Zsófia Hatvani, PhD, a dermatologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

When to see a psychiatrist?

More and more people are interested in topics that start with ’psych-’, but sometimes people confuse what a psychiatrist does, and the differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The main difference is in undergraduate education because a psychology degree can be obtained from the Faculty of Humanities of universities, while a psychiatry degree can be obtained as a professional examination following a general medical degree.

Mandatory and recommended vaccinations for children

The patent for the first vaccine is related to English surgeon Edward Jenner, who, by chance, turned to experimenting with the inoculants, resulting in the smallpox vaccine he invented in 1798. The first compulsory smallpox vaccine was introduced in Hungary in 1876. In 1967, approximately 10 million people contracted the disease, and as a result of the subsequent vaccination program, smallpox is now an infectious disease that has been eradicated worldwide.

About epicutaneous tests

The common task of the patient and the allergologist is to identify the factors that trigger the patient’s (presumably, probably, or even certainly) allergic-related complaints, and to identify the situations in which contact occurs. The exact definition is complicated by the fact that most of our allergenic substances consist of several ingredients, and it is rare for accurate information to be available about each ingredient. The most important information about the epicutaneous test is summarized here by Prof. Dr. Kristóf Nékám, an allergologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital.