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If an implant happens to move after a breast augmentation operation, it is a big letdown as surgery costs a lot of money, not to mention the recovery time. Unfortunately, if the breast tissues and ligaments are lax, this can easily happen, but the Tio2Mesh mesh can help solve this problem.

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy

"It is equally important for us to identify the diseases that cause complaints in the digestive tract and to carry out gastroenterological screening," says Dr. Péter Fuszek, gastroenterology specialist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, summing up the most important tasks in his field.

Proctology - It is vital that patients seek medical advice as soon as possible, with confidence and without fear

Proctology is the branch of medicine that deals with the last 20cm of the rectum. "The vast majority of patients usually come to us with a hemorrhoid. I think it is extremely important to ask the patient thoroughly about the symptoms, their nature and duration at the beginning of the proctological examination, as without this a wrong diagnosis could be made." In this article, Dr. Diána Mocsári, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s proctologist, summarizes the most common diseases and informs us about the examination.

Insulin resistance: why ’fashionable illness’ doesn’t cut it

Although insulin resistance (IR) is a popular topic nowadays, we still shouldn’t refer to it as a fashionable illness, rather it’s an endemic disease, according to Nóra Galló, a dietician at Dr. Rose Private Hospital. It affects a lot of people, perhaps more than the number of people with diabetes, which itself numbers in the millions. This is why early detection and diagnosis of IR is of paramount importance.

Positive psychology in our day-to-day lives

In the movie of our lives, we ourselves are the auteurs. From the events around us, we choose what to record and where to point the camera. Receptiveness to the positive influences around us can be learned with help. Awareness of positive or pleasurable events is of paramount importance because they actively contribute to emotional stabilization. We asked Dr. Erika Kopacz, psychiatrist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, about different stress management techniques.


The nose is one of the most important parts of the face, strongly determining its look and character. Many people are dissatisfied with their nose, thinking it is too big or even misshapen. Alongside aesthetic reasons, health reasons cannot be neglected as in many cases a rhinoplasty can solve breathing problems. The aim of the surgery is to eliminate the health or aesthetic problems and to achieve the desired shape and function of the nose.

Flat feet and other pediatric orthopedic problems

Pediatric orthopedists are mainly consulted by parents whose children have spinal problems and various leg deformities. Fortunately, most orthopedic problems can be solved without surgery. Dr. Imre Dreissiger, a pediatric orthopedic specialist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, summarizes the most important points to bear in mind.

Are men at risk? Reflections on men's health

Professors and senior doctors from Dr. Rose Private Hospital have joined forces to raise awareness of the importance of men's health. Over the age of 40, we need to be consciously committed to living a long and healthy life, not just for ourselves but also for our families. It is largely up to us to live the second half of our lives in a fresh and harmonious state mentally, emotionally and physically. Even small changes can help us gain extra years and improve our quality of life.