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Summer Recommendations from the Doctors at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

Summer poses extra challenges to our bodies due to the heat, intense sunlight and increased pollen levels. If we’re careful, any harmful effects of the summer season can be prevented. Here, we summarise the recommendations of dermatologists, ENT specialists, cardiologists and urologists at Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

Recommended Screening for Women

Women are recommended to undergo cancer screening annually and also to request HPV screening. A common question among women and mothers is, at what age should gynaecological screening begin? According to Dr. Dániel Dubecz, an obstetrician-gynaecologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, the need for screening is not determined by age. Instead, it is crucial for women and girls who are sexually active to have regular gynaecological screening. The general rule, whether for young girls or older women, is to have a gynaecological exam and screening once a year if there are no symptoms. Annual cancer screening is recommended from the start of sexual activity, along with HPV screening. Additionally, women over 35 should have a mammogram every two years.

Protect Your Children from the Sun!

This year, summer appeared for a few days in April, reminding us of how crucial it is to prepare for sun protection in time. Children's skin is much more sensitive than that of adults, so it matters when we take them out in the sun, what sunscreen we use, and what to do if signs of sunburn appear on their skin. Dr. Ágnes Csitos, a dermatologist and pediatric dermatologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, provides answers and useful advice on these questions.

Treatment options for incontinence

Incontinence is not just a common health problem that affects the quality of life of many women every day, but it is also a sensitive issue that those affected are reluctant to talk about. This disturbing condition, which involves the involuntary leakage of urine, can manifest in various forms and severity levels, posing a significant challenge to those affected in their daily lives. However, the treatment of incontinence is not a hopeless struggle; with the advancement of modern medicine and technology, effective treatment options are available to improve the quality of life of those affected.

Treatment of lumbar spine disorders

Spinal problems can cause severe pain and a decrease in quality of life. Many patients, driven by fear of surgery, avoid seeking medical help, even though 90% of cases can be treated with conservative care without surgery. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, comprehensive spinal care is provided, including thorough examinations, possible surgery, and rehabilitation. Dr. András Erbszt, orthopedic specialist and spine surgeon, answered our questions regarding comprehensive care.

What are the Orthopedic Benefits of Running?

Running, like most recreational sports, has numerous positive effects on our health, musculoskeletal system, and cardiovascular system. It is beneficial for all these. Consistency is key. By consistency, we mean incorporating at least two or three sessions of running or jogging per week, each lasting a minimum of half an hour. We spoke to Dr. Hangody László Rudolf, an orthopaedic-traumatologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, about running.

We can do much to prevent it - November is Prostate Cancer Prevention Month

Prostate cancer development is influenced by several factors. There are factors - such as age, genetics, and ethnicity - that we can't change, but we can do a lot to prevent prostate cancer by living the right lifestyle and getting regular screening. Dr. József Varga, urologist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, summarizes what we can do to prevent the disease.

Generation X: self-sacrifice is not the solution

Generation X - sometimes referred to as the sandwich generation - is the name given to parents aged 35-55 who, because of the delay in starting a family, are often still caring for their own children while also looking after their ageing, ailing parents. We asked Dr. Erika Kopacz, a psychiatrist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, about the impacts of this situation on those it affects.

Summer travel in safety

In the coming weeks, many people will be preparing for a summer vacation. To make your holiday as pleasant as possible, we have gathered the most important information with Dr. Beatrix Patai, an occupational health specialist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital.