2021. April 4.

For new mothers who, genetically-speaking, are not as lucky as Jessica Alba or Beyoncé, plastic surgery can help them regain their shape. A survey on postnatal shape correction, conducted in several countries, revealed that most pregnant women are already thinking about how to get rid of the excess weight that has accumulated here and there, and a large percentage are planning some kind of plastic surgery.


Although pregnancy is a wonderful period in a woman's life, it also involves a complete transformation of the female body; body proportions change and previous contours disappear, which can often lead to loss of self-confidence and mental health problems.

The signs of pregnancy on our bodies vary from individual to individual, thus it also varies what kind of correction is needed. Our plastic surgeons can help determine this during the first consultation and they will provide a personalized expert opinion concerning surgery. In the case of a Mommy Makeover, as it is a combined (multidisciplinary) plastic surgery, the surgery is planned by the plastic surgeon in a personalized way.

Pregnancy mainly affects the breasts and belly. Many postpartum mothers have a problem with these areas having sagged and elongated. Shape correction plastic surgery can easily restore the prenatal condition in these areas. A Mommy Makeover plastic surgery consists of several stages. Restoration of the condition of the breasts depends on the size of the mammary glands and the condition of the skin in this area. Where there is sufficient glandular tissue, the plastic surgeon creates the ideal breast shape with breast augmentation; with a smaller amount of glandular tissue, combined breast surgery (breast augmentation with implants) is used. Large, fatty mammary glands post-breastfeeding can be reduced and corrected via breast reduction. In many cases, postpartum correction of the abdominal area is also required. Removal of sagging skin and stretch marks is possible with a tummy tuck, often supplemented with liposuction for contouring. A breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction can all be combined, so it is possible to perform several plastic surgeries at the same time. In our institute, we work with absorbable sutures to achieve the perfect result.

When thinking about postpartum shape correction, there are a few things you need to know before we begin. Prior to combined plastic surgery, it is important for the mother to reach her ideal body weight, as close to her pre-pregnancy weight as possible. This is a very important requirement so that the skin of the abdomen does not sag again after the procedure and to ensure the maintenance of a successful surgical result. In the case of breast augmentation, surgery can take place approximately 6 months after breastfeeding has stopped. Most mothers need both abdominal and breast correction, and these interventions can usually be carried out during a single plastic surgery, but it is possible that other areas will also be involved. In this case, our doctors can decide if the procedure can be performed in one or two steps. Between plastic surgeries, we need to account for a 6-month break.

A combined plastic surgery solution is therefore very beneficial for new mothers who, for genetic reasons, are unable to restore their shape by any other means. You can find more detailed information about abdominoplasty and breast augmentation procedures, as well as postpartum shape correction, on our website. Alternatively, discuss your details in person with our plastic surgeons¬ by requesting an appointment for a consultation.