Mandatory and recommended vaccinations for children

2021. June 11.

The patent for the first vaccine is related to English surgeon Edward Jenner, who, by chance, turned to experimenting with the inoculants, resulting in the smallpox vaccine he invented in 1798. The first compulsory smallpox vaccine was introduced in Hungary in 1876. In 1967, approximately 10 million people contracted the disease, and as a result of the subsequent vaccination program, smallpox is now an infectious disease that has been eradicated worldwide.


After the epidemics of the 1700s, several other epidemics had to be dealt with (e.g., the cholera epidemic of 1831, or the Spanish flu pandemic that began in 1918), but today it has become natural to fight the most serious diseases with vaccines (e.g., diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, the polio epidemic, etc.). In connection with the appearance of the coronavirus, vaccinations have become the focus again, and issues related to vaccinations are of concern to everyone. It is now clear that in the current pandemic, COVID vaccination is the most effective solution to protect all of us!

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we compiled a protocol for age-related mandatory and recommended vaccinations based on the National Public Health Center’s 2020 methodological letter for vaccinations.

Until the age of one, babies typically receive the vaccinations included in the vaccination plan in connection with pediatric examinations.

  • Your baby's first vaccine, BCG, which protects against tuberculosis, is usually given during a hospital stay, but no later than 6 weeks of age.
  • The baby undergoes a second pediatric examination at 4-6 weeks of age. As part of this, our doctor will describe the mandatory and recommended age-related vaccinations.
  • In month 2, a more complex examination will be carried out, which includes screening tests and administering the necessary vaccinations.
  • At three months, in addition to regular pediatric examinations and measurements, booster vaccinations and any other recommended vaccinations will be given.
  • Important vaccinations are given at 4 months of age.
  • At the 6-month pediatric examination, recommended vaccination may also be administered.
  • At the age of 12 months, recommended vaccinations which can be administered after the age of one year, may be given. Based on the drawn-up vaccination plan, up to 2-3 vaccinations per month can be given without harming children’s health.

You will find the mandatory and recommended vaccinations for children and the schedule of vaccinations in our downloadable chart.

Chart download.

Our Private Hospital also operates as an international vaccination center. We hold all the necessary vaccinations for travelers, with medicine for the prevention of diseases, and we issue the vaccination documents needed for travel.