Manager screenings - not just for managers

2021. July 13.

Manager screening was first recommended by multinational companies to their senior employees to ensure the health of workers exposed to high workloads and stress through screening tests. Nowadays, one of the most important parts of disease prevention is the comprehensive annual screening that is recommended for any job and life situation. According to Dr. habil Ádám Lelbach, a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, in addition to a healthy diet, a physically active lifestyle and the screening and early detection of diseases is one of the secrets of longevity.


We recommend manager screenings for the over-40s, and from the age of 30 for anyone with a family history of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke or various cancers, or with risk factors for various diseases (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, diabetes, or a stressful lifestyle). With regular examinations, the most common diseases can be screened out, and diseases recognized in time can be cured more easily. The purpose of screening tests is to diagnose as soon as possible diseases that do not cause a complaint and are unknown to the patient.

Europe's population is aging, with the WHO calling the next decade the period of 'Healthy Ageing'. To reach healthy old age and be active retirees, comprehensive annual examinations are recommended.

In our manager screening packages, we focus on the investigation of malignancies, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic disorders, taking into account the extra burdens caused by our stressful, busy lives. Among the cancers, especially important are cervical cancer screening and breast cancer screening for women, and prostate and lung examinations for men. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease are also examined during screening. Manager screening also includes laboratory tests, from which we get information about the functioning of our various organs. Radiological examinations include lung screening, mammography (for women), and abdominal, pelvic and cervical ultrasound. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we provide Standard, Complex and Superior manager screenings based on patients’ age and health status. Our Superior screening includes the full range of examinations available in outpatient care: we have further expanded our specialist medical, imaging, laboratory and diagnostic tests with two laboratory tests (vitamin D level and tumor marker test), a thyroid ultrasound test, an ear-nose-throat test, a musculoskeletal specialist examination, and videodermatoscopic mole screening. In each case, we prepare a specialist’s summary of the results of the examinations, based on which our patients receive an overview of their health condition and any further action necessary to maintain their health.

Many people are afraid of medical examinations, however, most of these tests do not involve any pain. For those who fear that some serious illness will come to light, it can be reassuring to them that regular examinations allow for early detection of illnesses, and that illnesses recognized in time have a good chance of being cured. After comprehensive examinations, you can feel safe all year round.

Manager screening tests take place over the course of a day at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, where we tailor and organize the necessary tests for our patients and perform them together in one place.

If you or any member of your family needs additional medical care, we provide inpatient care on site with more than 40 specialist clinics, a complete obstetric and pediatric department, and, if necessary, our state-of-the-art operating rooms.

We consider it our duty to draw attention to the importance of screenings, as diseases recognized in time have a good chance of being cured, or with regular treatment and care, complications can be prevented and delayed.