With its advanced technology the InBody 770 analysing the body composition with clinical precision. The device immediately gives a result about the body’s musculoskeletal state, total body fat, body water and bone mineral content and the percentage of the aforesaid body composition outputs in the body. InBody 770 is an aid in health assessment and progress tracking. Our specialists could offer personalised therapy for the patients based on the accurate diagnosis of the InBody 770.

What can you learn from the InBody 770 body composition analyser report?

While our bodyweight and the BMI give only one-dimensional picture on the body’s state, the body composition analyser gives the following details about the body:

  • Protein content and muscle mass of the body and their ratio compared to the body fat, therefore the body composition analyser gives information about the level of obesity or the level of malnutrition and risks of these illnesses.
  • The content of the minerals in the body (state of the bones, presence/ risk of a possible osteoporosis)
  • The amount of body water, which could suggest the presence of oedema and inflammation, the device could show the location of the oedema and the inflammation.
  • The basal metabolism (BMR calorie intake/day)
  • The necessary actions g.: How much weight should you lose? Is it necessary to increase your muscle mass? Do you have oedema/inflammation in your body? Do you need to substitute certain vitamins/minerals? What type of diet is recommended (energy, carbohydrate, fat and protein intake)

Body composition analysing has an outstanding role in health and prevention, thus we recommend to repeat the body composition examination every year for screening purposes or every three month for health tracking purposes.

What happens during the examination? 

This is a non-invasive procedure, it is completely painless and riskfree. It gives the most precise report if you stand on the device with barefoot, loose clothes (underwear) and with empty stomach. Please, do not eat and drink large amount of liquid, caffeine or alcoholic beverages 2.5 – 3 hours before the procedure.

The examination takes only 2 minutes and the report is printable immediately.

To whom we would recommend the examination?

  • Children from the age of 3
  • Elderly people
  • Sedentary workers
  • People who exercise regularly
  • Healthy people
  • People suffering from chronic diseases

*The examination is not recommended for pregnant women, people with pacemaker, artificial limbs or bigger metallic implants

The body composition examination is available as an individual examinationin screening packages and as a part of a specialist or dietary consultation.