G. F.

My endless thanks go to Dr. László Rudolf Hangody for the professional knee replacement operation. He has incredible experience and expertise and there was complete safety throughout the procedure. Anesthesiologist Dr. Réka Gilly and the operating theater nurse were a constant presence by my side. Hats off to the entire team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, who put all their efforts into my recovery with outstanding empathy.

R. P.

Outstanding quality among private practices. The staff is extra friendly, helpful, the waiting time is minimal (5-6 screening tests were done in one day, completely smoothly). I also experienced professionalism and attention from the doctors. To top it all off, the beautiful surroundings, panoramic view, really like being in a hotel, and the coffee they served was delicious.

S. C.

I had knee replacement surgery in September. I have never had better medical experience in my life.
From the initial visit to the rehabilitation treatments the competency of the doctor's, nurses and staff was 5 stars. A real plus is that everyone speaks English. Finally the patient rooms are comparable to a 5 star hotel.

Ügyfélelégedettségi riportból

I had my little boy's tonsillectomy conducted here. I've been to a lot of private clinics that I always thought were unsurpassable, but they are not! Words cannot describe the kindness, care and attention we received, nor the doctor's expertise. The experience you receive here far outweighs the fee. Even though it was an operation, my child enjoyed it. For this we thank you very much.

Ügyfélelégedettségi riportból

I hope that Emeritus Professor Dr. Préda M.D. will work for you for a very long time as he is an outstanding doctor. I have never met a more professional cardiologist than him. 

Ügyfélelégedettségi riportból

My days in the hospital were pleasant and everyone made an effort to make me feel comfortable. The ladies at reception are kind and knowledgeable. And the firm and pleasant personality of the female consultant made me feel very reassured about the process of arranging the surgery - I could not ask her anything she did not know, she was always very direct and kind, and I can say the same about the female assistant at the Doctor's surgery.

Ügyfélelégedettségi riportból

I have been to several consultations, but I will definitely choose Dr. Rose as my place of surgery. The colleagues are very kind and professional and I trusted the doctor immediately, he was very thorough and gave me detailed information. I would also like to highlight the female consultant’s kindness, information and thoroughness. Thank you! 

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