Labour and birth at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we offer a professional team, maximum attention and a cosy environment for families who are about to have a baby, from the first thought of family planning to the birth of the child. Dr. Vera Tory, paediatric specialist, neonatologist, integrated parent-baby consultant and Dr. Márta Éva Csécsei, paediatrician, infant and paediatrician, neonatologist, talk about the complex teamwork that starts from the moment the mother calls the hospital's maternity ward when the birth starts. We will learn about the obstetrics department, the tasks of the obstetrics team, the equipment and services of the obstetrics department and they will tell us in detail about the care and examinations of the newborn baby. Take a look into the world of Dr. Rose's Obstetrics Department with our video.