Are men at risk? - Roundtable discussion on men's health (Audio - HUN)

Professors and senior doctors from Dr Rose Private Hospital have joined forces to raise awareness among men about the importance of staying healthy. After the age of 40, we need to be conscious of living a long and healthy life, not only for ourselves but also for our families. It is largely up to us to live the second half of our lives in a fresh and harmonious state of mind, spirit and body. Even small changes can help us gain extra years and improve our quality of life.

The majority of men consider health problems and long-term illness as a natural part of life. Unfortunately, many people reject a preventive lifestyle and medical check-ups, not trusting their importance. They only consult a doctor with serious health problems, usually belatedly, when it is often too late. The main causes of death among Hungarian men are diseases of the circulatory system, cancer and the digestive system. What can we do to prevent these diseases? - we asked the round table participants.

In our roundtable discussion, cardiologists, internists, orthopaedic surgeons and urologists from Dr Rose Private Hospital will give their own examples of how to achieve active ageing, beyond the age of 50, 70 and even 80. The panellists will be Professor István Préda, cardiologist, internist, Dr. Ádám habil Lelbach, internist, gastroenterologist, geriatrician and hypertension specialist, Professor László Hangody, orthopaedic traumatologist and Dr. József Varga, urologist.