Mariann Balázsy M.D.


Dr. Mariann Balázsy has graduated at the University of Pécs, Medical Faculty. She was a trainee ophthalmologist at the University of Pécs, Ophthalmology Clinic, where she gained practice in the day care unit and also in the ophthalmology ward. Then she was working at the Uzsoki Street Hospital in Budapest, where she gained practice in in the day care unit, the ophthalmology ward, she made eyelid surgeries and assisted in cataract and vitreous surgeries.

After she took the professional opthalmology exam she performed numerous refractive surgeries.

She speaks english fluently, understands german a bit.

She likes to go on trips in Hungary and also in abroad, reading novels.


  • Refractive surgery
Balázsy Mariann

Consulting hours

08.20 - 13.00

Spoken language

  • English,
  • German