Why must we attend to our skin in winter?

2021. December 18.

The winter months not only challenge our immune system, but our skin also needs different care. With a few simple skincare tips and aesthetic treatments, we can keep our skin healthy.


In cold winter weather, in addition to strengthening our immune system, our skin also needs special care. Strong sunlight does not endanger us at this time of year, but UVA rays reach us in the same way, and in the cold months there is more smog, which really pollutes the skin. As a result of the cold, the skin’s blood vessels constrict, allowing the surface to cool more and lose more moisture. Dry air from heating poses additional challenges to our skin. Often, the sudden onset of cold causes the skin to visibly dry out, become flaky and crack with fine lines. This condition is not aesthetically pleasing and is often painful. For prevention, internal hydration is important, in addition to which it is worth caring for the skin with oilier, more nourishing creams, and if this unpleasant situation has already developed, a gentle exfoliation is recommended in the evening, followed by a thorough, deep hydration.


In winter it is worth using facial oils more often, as dehydrated skin absorbs the valuable ingredients and the sebaceous glands do not become clogged with them, as they might in the heat of summer. If we apply a few drops of hand-warmed oil in the evening, we can wake up in the morning with radiant skin. Grape seed, argan, olive, jojoba, evening primrose and rose oils all have wonderful effects as they contain plenty of vitamins to help maintain and improve skin balance. We need to support our beauty not only from the outside, but also from within, and consuming vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene helps to strengthen the skin's internal hydration and resilience. In addition to oils, moisturizing masks also play an important role at this time of year. It is not a substitute for daily care, but when applied 2-3 times a week over a long period your skin will thank you as it cares for dehydrated skin intensively and concentratedly.


Our skin becomes less and less hydrated due to stress, age and the weather, it dries out easily, becomes sensitive, and fine wrinkles and furrows can appear. To regain deep hydration, it is not enough to consume a lot of fluids, we also need to support our skin with active ingredients that help to overcome the free radicals that cause signs of aging. The various cosmetic treatments available in our private hospital also play an important role in this. With their help we can achieve a long-lasting, long-term effect, and with the help of our beautician they can deliver active ingredients to the skin’s deeper layers too. The Institut Esthederm products used in the treatments nourish with special stem cells to pamper the skin and are completely paraben-free. During Hydra Touch treatment the skin is exfoliated using a special procedure, preparing it for the delivery of medical-grade transepidermal ampoules to the dermis, where it generates a collagen induction mechanism. Microneedling (dermapen) procedures provide a powerful anti-aging function by inserting a medical ampoule. Hyaluronic acid replenishment treatment has an immediate effect, as the treatment and administration of high-dose active ingredients immediately replenish the skin. It is an ideal complement to some aesthetic procedures but is also suitable for filling wrinkles and fine lines and for intensive rehydration of the skin. Moisturizing antioxidant treatments contain special active ingredients such as cellular water, seaweed, or tetrapeptides that make the skin vibrant and radiant.


In addition to a healthy diet and a proper daily skincare regime, we may also need aesthetic treatments. Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s Medical Aesthetics Department has treatments available to combat winter’s negative effects even more effectively. Our procedures are also successful against wrinkles, pigment spots and acne scars, and provide an opportunity to prevent sagging skin. With the help of HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound), fractional CO2 laser or fractional microneedle RF treatments performed with high-tech machines, the skin is rejuvenated, becomes more elastic and even, and regains its firmness and tautness. As a result of the treatments, the synthesis of collagen fibers is also increased, thus slowing the aging process.