Treatment options for incontinence

2024. March 14.

Incontinence is not just a common health problem that affects the quality of life of many women every day, but it is also a sensitive issue that those affected are reluctant to talk about. This disturbing condition, which involves the involuntary leakage of urine, can manifest in various forms and severity levels, posing a significant challenge to those affected in their daily lives. However, the treatment of incontinence is not a hopeless struggle; with the advancement of modern medicine and technology, effective treatment options are available to improve the quality of life of those affected.

stressz inkontinencia

Types and causes of incontinence

Incontinence can occur in the form of stress incontinence, where urine leakage occurs during physical exertion - such as coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercising - or it can be urge incontinence, where a sudden, irresistible urge to urinate occurs. Additionally, there is mixed-type incontinence, which combines the characteristics of the two mentioned types. The condition can be caused by anatomical changes, for hormonal reasons, neurological problems, or even as the side effects of certain medications.

The key to treating incontinence lies in a thorough diagnosis of the problem and the development of an individualized treatment plan, taking into account the age of the affected woman, the type and severity of incontinence, and its impact on quality of life.

Advancing technology: intimate laser

In recent years, significant progress has been made in the treatment of incontinence through intimate laser treatments and surgical interventions. Dr. Illés Balogh, a gynaecologist-endocrinologist and an expert at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, emphasizes the effectiveness and versatility of intimate laser treatment, which opens up new possibilities not only for treating incontinence, but also for addressing vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Laser technology has become a proven method for stress incontinence.

During intimate laser treatment, the laser light gently penetrates the vaginal mucosa, stimulating the regeneration of connective tissue fibres and increasing the elasticity of the vaginal wall. This improves support for the bladder and pelvic floor muscles, contributing to alleviating the symptoms of incontinence, or even complete resolution.

"With regards to intimate laser treatment, we see extraordinary progress in the field of gynaecology, especially in the treatment of incontinence. The latest technology allows us to target and effectively treat urinary retention problems without the need for invasive procedures. This treatment offers an excellent alternative for those seeking a better quality of life but who wish to avoid the risks of surgical intervention and long recovery times," emphasizes Dr. Illés Balogh, a specialist in the field.

Surgical solutions

In more severe cases where intimate laser treatment alone is not sufficient, surgical intervention such as sling procedures offer a lasting solution for the treatment of stress incontinence. This surgery specifically strengthens the structures supporting the bladder, restoring normal urinary retention.

According to Dr. Dániel Dubecz, a gynaecologist and specialist in the field, "surgical treatment of stress incontinence is an effective solution for those for whom intimate laser treatment alone is not enough. Surgical intervention such as the sling procedure provides the opportunity to restore the natural support of the bladder, significantly improving the quality of life for patients. In my experience, patients often regret not opting for surgery earlier, as after the procedure, they can lead an active and unrestricted life again."

Personal story

Dr. Rose Private Hospital provides modern gynaecological solutions for incontinence treatment. One of their patients agreed to share her story. Klára, who faced urinary retention problems after childbirth, underwent surgery at Dr. Rose Private Hospital and now leads a full life without worrying about incontinence. The video of the interview with her is available below.

Women should not be afraid to consult specialists. Incontinence treatment is not a taboo subject. Modern treatment options such as intimate laser and surgical interventions are available at Dr. Rose Private Hospital to help you regain and improve your quality of life. Feel free to consult our specialist doctors and explore the treatment options that are best for you.