Memories for a lifetime at Dr. Rose Private Hospital – expectant mother and baby photography

2022. May 31.

Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s Obstetrics Department welcomes its expectant mothers and their babies to have their newborn and family photographed.



  • Hospital newborn photography

Currently two newborn baby photography packages are available as an option to the maternity packages: the smaller, 10-photo series includes 5 greeting cards, while the larger gallery of 30 photos includes a premium family photo album as a keepsake.

The baby photoshoot will take place the day after the baby's arrival, and after a few hours the first photos will be online for parents to share with family and friends. Dr. Rose Private Hospital's unique greeting cards and premium photo album will be handed to parents at the 6-week check-up, while the finalized photos will be online.

  • Expectant mother photos taken outdoors or in the Budapest photo studio

The photographer awaits the mothers-to-be with a choice of maternity outfits and accessories, a hairdresser and a make-up artist. In beautiful outdoor locations or in the Budapest photo studio she will capture this wonderful time for you and your family.

A shared family photo session for expectant mothers is not only a great experience, but also a great opportunity for the family to get to know the photographer and to attune with each other before the baby arrives and the photographer visits the hospital or the family at home.


  • Newborn baby photography in the family home

For a newborn baby photoshoot, you can't imagine a more intimate setting than the family's own home. It's a private setting full of love and personal experiences, not to mention the fact that it’s the most comfortable place in the world with a 1–2-week-old baby. In the newborn photo series, the photographer combines a classic style with more natural lifestyle images.

The photographer makes house calls for baby photos all over the country and brings all the professional equipment needed for the shoot (e.g., lighting, tripod and other accessories) to your home.


Photographer Gabriella Szabó, a mother to two sons, has been photographing mothers, babies and families for 8 years and is always driven by the desire to give families an unforgettable experience alongside the memories of this most special time.

"As a photographer and a mother, I know and feel the value of an intimate picture of the expectant mother, a heartfelt first photo with a fragile, tiny baby or a well-captured moment in a family's life,” says Gabriella. "These are unrepeatable moments that show us the wonders of childhood, leaving us with everlasting memories of family togetherness. I take real-life, unique baby photos of the long-awaited big meeting, the first hugs, the moments of initial bonding. With the hospital photoshoots, I want to recreate the atmosphere and the feeling that the mother and the family experience together, hence I determined to surprise the mothers with a personal, emotional and intimate series of photos."