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"Internationally high-standard professionalism and a premium environment await patients who wish to recover from musculoskeletal problems. A wide range of diagnostics, excellent anesthesiology and surgical background and complex rehabilitation possibilities guarantee that our specialists can provide consultations and surgical treatment in the whole field of orthopedy. Specialists of endoprosthetics, arthroscopy, hand and sports surgery speed up your healing process by utilizing the most up-to-date, minimal invasive techniques. Your recovery is further supported by our physiotherapist and sport rehabilitation therapist."

László Hangody, M.D.,Ph.D., D.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Hangody László az ortopédiai műtétek specialistája

Medical care, diagnostics

Ortopédiai diagnosztika

A successful surgery is based on an appropriate diagnosis. Aside from high-quality equipment, the presence of best practitioners of the field in the country is also a priority. When we founded our Orthopedic Center, we kept these in mind, thus now we are able to provide you with the high quality medical services expected from us in the field of orthopedy as well.



Ortopéd műtétek

The life quality of patients with musculoskeletal diseases heavily depends on how much they have to wait for the surgery necessary for their good health. We perform operations without having to sign up for a waiting list, thus we can secure an appointment for a hip, knee our shoulder replacement in one or two weeks.




A successful surgery is not the end of the treatment; our patients are further assisted by our excellent physiotherapists throughout their recovery. During this difficult phase of life, we deem emotional support as important as the high-quality professional rehabilitation programs, so we support our patients with both of these.