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"There are only a few things in life you prepare for, plan and keep imagining for such a long time as the birth of your child. As a midwife my main objective is to help these plans and desires come true. At Dr. Rose Obstetrics, the reassuring presence of the operating room tucked away behind the delivery room, the apartment provided to spend intimate family time together along with the dedicated and enthusiastic medical team really makes it all possible."

Eleonóra Kunszt, midwife

Family planning

As a part of our family planning program, first we help the couple assess the possible risk factors, and then we make recommendations on the necessary gynecological, fertility and laboratory tests. We perform all required examinations in our institution.


Prenatal care

Terhesgondozás és bensőséges viszony

Besides providing the compulsory and recommended examinations, we also put a big emphasis on developing a trustful relationship with the mother-to-be, as in the moment of giving birth, it is very important for the mother to know and trust the medical team assisting her.



Although every birth is unique, a trustful and familiar atmosphere is the cornerstone of a successful and joyful delivery. We are open to the application of several labor methods and parturitions techniques as the mother sees it fit as long as they do not endanger the health of the mother and the baby.