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Payment options

All conditions with regards to payment will be discussed with you before your arrival at the hospital. In all cases, our colleagues at the reception desk will finalize and issue your invoice upon departure. Payment can be made either by cash, credit card or bank transfer. You can also settle your account with your Health Fund or Medical Insurance, cashing holiday vouchers or credit options.

Dr. Rose is registered with several local and international Health Insurance Funds. We have a contact officer at place with whom you can easily arrange direct billing and settle your claims with your insurance company.

Dr. Rose Private Hospital Club Card is a fixed price discount for our new and existing clients. Our Club Card provides significant discount from our health care services for our clients through their Dr. Rose Club membership. We recommend the Club Card in particular for our clients who have no Hungarian social security and Hungarian or international health insurance.

The Club Card provides 30% discount for 1 year from the inpatient and outpatient care and the diagnostic services of Dr. Rose Private Hospital * for the client named in the contract.

The discount will be deducted from the total price, based on the contract created for the client.

Annual fee of the Club Card: 100 EUR

Validity: 365 days

If you are interested, you can purchase a Club Card at Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s cash register.

Our prices are calculated in Euro (EUR), but we also offer a facility to settle in other currencies specified. Our colleagues at the reception desk will be able to provide information or the daily exchange rates.

Payment options:

  • Cash (HUF, EUR and USD)
  • Bankcard (HUF, EUR, USD) (we cannot accept AMEX bankcards)
  • Health fund (please consult our colleagues for aesthetic services)
  • Szép Card (we cannot accept Szép Card in case of aesthetic and medical specialist services, in case of other services please consult our colleagues)


  • BMW - which includes BMW, Motorrad, Mini MOL Green Card - 10% discount (15% discount on annual card purchase)
  • MKT - Hungarian Economic Association - 5% discount
  • CIG Pannónia Best Doctors Card - 10% discount
  • MKB Gold Card - 10% discount

Schedule of payment

We require a 30% deposit calculated on the fully inclusive cost of the surgery. The cost need to be paid when the necessary examinations take place prior to the surgery. At this point of time the date and time of the surgery will also be confirmed.
Full payment of the remainder of the amount is required at the time of the consultation with the Anaesthetist or at least 1 week prior to the surgery. Should payment not be made as instructed above, and/or you do not attend the consultation with the Anesthetist – the scheduled surgery will be cancelled accordingly.
Take note that the final invoice might slightly differs from the initial quoted amount, due to unforeseen medicine and/or material that was consumed during your hospital stay.

The price of the surgery includes:

Medical care

  • Fee of the doctors and assistants
  • Personalized, tissue-protective surgical techniques, which takes the genetics and expectations of the patient into consideration and strives to have a natural effect: shorter surgical time, quicker rehabilitation and remission.
  • The application of modern, safe implants, self-absorbing stitches, usage of wound dressing materials and other consumable materials.
  • The application of modern, safe medicines and chemicals (signal materials, disinfectant, etc.).
  • The medicines (antibiotics, pain relieving medication, thrombosis medication, etc.) and the attendance after a complication-free surgical intervention.
  • Anesthetic consultation before the surgery
  • One-day hospitalization with full board catering
  • Necessary special clothing after surgery (upon need) . We apply special shaped clothing, bras and headbands based on the type of the surgery. These are designed especially for a particular function. Premium and continuously controlled products, which are chosen by the surgeon, who prescribes the required clothing based on the type of surgery and the patients genetics and history. The surgeon can suggest the wearing of elastic stockings or bandage for the prevention of thrombosis, all based on the type of the surgery and to the patients genetics.


  • One-day hospitalization in one/two-bed room with en-suite bathroom, equipped with the following: air-conditioning, mini bar – with unlimited consumption of drinks -, safe, LCD TV, multimedia appliances, CD-DVD media collection, Wi-Fi, daily newspapers, slippers, bathrobe, accessories for the daily wash and tooth care and access to the terrace on the 6. floor.
  • Permanent attendance of the doctor and nurses, separate nurse on-call facility in every room.
  • Full catering (breakfast/lunch/dinner): An a'la carte menu selection. Vegetarian, special dietary requirements, special menus and snacks can be supplied on request.
  • Daily cleaning
  • Strict sanitary ordinances: antiseptic hand wash available in every room which is continuously replenished and daily changed fresh towels.

The prices of the surgery does not include the examinations prior to the surgery, post examinations (laboratory test, blood test, ultrasound, X-ray, etc.) and the cost of possible extended hospitalizations.