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"In accordance with the emergence of new technologies, jobs and new occupational health risks that concern most employees in the 21st century, the professional team of Dr. Rose Corporate Business Branch created customizable and flexible occupational health care and high-standard healthy care services fit for companies and their employees at competitive prices."



Every employer has an interest in keeping their employees healthy in the long run. In order to prevent health problems, it is necessary to undergo regular screenings that can reveal disorders in time. We perform screenings in line with the needs of the company, with a flexible schedule and the shortest span of time possible.


Annual card packages

Éves kártyás csomagok

In our experience, more and more patients wish to be able to calculate the price of their medical treatment in advance. With our constructions prepared to fulfill individual needs, our clients can be assured to receive medical treatment if needed, and we also provide hospital treatment and grant inpatient stay at a discount price.


Group health insurance


Patients with UNION-DR. Rose group health insurance are entitled to annual health card services with favorable conditions. Our colleagues are ready to help in choosing the optimal construction for you.