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"As a plastic surgeon, I always aspire to find, highlight and show the beauty of my patients and hide the features they favor less or find disadvantageous. In order to do this, it is indispensable to work with the best available implants, filling materials, up-to-date surgical techniques and highly trained assistants. The success of our efforts is proven by our satisfied patients."

János Gacs M.D.
Dr. Gacs János a plasztikai műtétek specialistája

Plastic surgeries

Plasztikai műtét

Besides the most popular surgeries (breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhynoplasty, liposuction), we also perform plastic surgeries for men, vaginoplasty and combined surgeries in our institute.




In order to minimalize post-surgical complications, we perform the complete range of diagnostic examinations before every surgery. We also deem preventive screenings important, so we recommend our patients to undergo an annual breast ultrasound examination or mammography. Our high quality diagnostic equipment is ready to meet the expectations of the day and age, and allows diagnostic examinations to take the shortest amount of time possible.