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Complex obstetrics services at Dr. Rose Private Hospital


Childbirth is a defining moment in a woman’s life. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, with a professionally trained team, maximum care and intimate conditions, we await expecting families, so that the special period, from the first thought of ​​family planning to the birth of a child, can become a real experience.

Pregnancy is a wonderful period, for a new life is born. Prospective parents, however, can often feel insecure as they go through changes they have not experienced before.

With the help of our pregnancy week-by-week diary, you can monitor how your baby is developing and growing, and we provide useful advice and information to make your pregnancy weeks as calm and harmonious as possible. In our compendium, you can read about the physical - in some cases mental - changes that will affect an expectant mother during these months. You can follow the development of the fetus in detail, find out how the obstetrician sees the given period, what kind of lifestyle changes we suggest, and we talk about the necessary examinations too.

With the help of our pregnancy calculator, you can keep track of how many weeks pregnant you are, when and what kind of tests become due in each week, when the conception may have taken place and how much time is left until the baby is born.