Male chest enlargement

The size, shape and form of a man’s chest muscles are genetically determined. Exercise can only increase muscle mass to a certain level. If a man is dissatisfied with the shape or size of his chest, the desired result can be achieved with implants.

When is male chest enlargement warranted?

The ability of a man’s chest muscles to develop may depend on a genetically inherited body shape, but it can also be affected by certain diseases as well as injuries. It is not uncommon for someone to train in vain with the proper technique to develop their chest muscles, or they develop asymmetrically. Often this condition causes men frustration and low self-esteem in both their private and everyday lives. If the shape and size of your chest is less than expected, you may want to consult a plastic surgeon.

What happens at the first consultation?

During the first consultation your plastic surgeon will examine you and then discuss your expectations and options in a personalized way, showing you, based on their references, the results you can expect if you decide to have surgery. He will also explain the possible surgical techniques for you, show you the different chest implants and choose the one that works best for you.

Preparing for surgery

As with all surgeries, before male chest enlargement you will need to undergo a full examination, which includes laboratory tests, ECG and x-rays if necessary, and a chest ultrasound. In our private hospital, we perform all the necessary tests at the same time to save you time and make your preparations for chest enlargement more convenient. You will then receive some lifestyle tips to help you prepare for surgery and to speed up your recovery. These include quitting smoking - at least temporarily - as nicotine slows the healing processes, consuming adequate amounts of fluids, vitamins and trace elements (vitamin C, selenium, zinc) and avoiding the use of aspirin, ginkgo biloba and other natural remedies, because these affect blood clotting.

What happens during surgery?

During chest enlargement surgery our plastic surgeon replaces the missing pectoral muscle volume with an implant. The procedure is always performed under anesthesia and the implant is inserted through a straight, 4-5 cm long incision made in the armpit so that the scar line remains completely hidden to the outside observer. Between the tissue layers, the bed of the implant is formed, usually under the tissue of the large pectoral muscle. For 24 hours after implant placement, suction drains and a fastening bandage are applied. On average the intervention takes 1 hour.

Recovery, regeneration

After chest enlargement surgery you will need to spend one night in our private hospital to begin your recovery in comfortable and pleasant surroundings. The next day, our plastic surgeon removes the fastening bandage and the suction drains. The surgical area should not be exposed to water for one week. After surgery you will need to wear a special compression vest for 4 weeks, which we provide for you. During the first two weeks of recovery you should avoid all strenuous physical work. After two weeks you can gradually resume your previous lifestyle and after three weeks, light exercise can be taken. Avoid sunbathing and using a sauna for two months. Our plastic surgeon will call you back for a postoperative examination at specified intervals. Although we try to screen for all risk factors during preoperative examinations for male chest enlargement, unforeseen complications may occur. At the first consultation your plastic surgeon will inform you about these and how to avoid them.