Obstetrics services

Our obstetrics department offers a real alternative for those who would like to choose the freedom of home birth but do not want to be deprived of the security provided by a hospital medical background either. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we believe in the undisturbed nature of childbirth, so in intimate circumstances, with experienced doctors and professional staff, we await expectant mothers in complete safety. Our specialists adapt with the necessary flexibility to the wishes and needs of the pregnant woman, bearing in mind that the most important aspect during this time is her comfort, peace and security.

At Dr. Rose obstetrics we offer complex service to those who would feel more reassured by having our medical assistance right from the start with family planning, followed by the months of prenatal care and then after delivery trust us with the medical care of their children.

Our specialists compiled an obstetric packages to suit the needs of expectant mothers that can be combined with our prenatal care packages for a discount price, or purchased individually. Aside from assistance at birth, Dr. Rose Obstetric packages contain thorough care for the newborn and exclusive boarding for the mother and child. 

The detailed description of our obestetrics services and maternity package you can find HERE.