Post-pregnancy body contouring

During pregnancy, as a result of the growing uterus and internal pressure, the abdominal muscles weaken, the skin of the belly protrudes and stretch marks appear on it. The prenatal condition of the belly and the breasts can be easily restored by post-pregnancy plastic surgery.

When is post-pregnancy body contouring warranted?

Those who have experienced very large changes to their body shape during pregnancy often do not recover their figure after childbirth to the condition they were accustomed to before pregnancy. Breastfeeding can lead to breasts sagging, which can be changed with a breast lift and implant placement, but in some cases the altered structure of the mammary glands following the breastfeeding period justifies breast reduction surgery. In addition, the elongated skin of the belly does not always firm up sufficiently, and the abdominal muscles may have splayed too much.

What happens at the first consultation?

Our plastic surgeon will examine you during a personal consultation and, based on their references, show you what the expected best outcome will be if you choose surgery, and inform you about the required alterations and surgical interventions.

Preparing for surgery

As with all surgeries, you will need to have a full examination, including lab tests and other tests (e.g., ECG and x-ray) if necessary, prior to post-pregnancy plastic surgery. In our Private Hospital, we perform all the necessary tests at the same time, to save you time and make your preparations for figure correction more convenient. You will also receive some lifestyle tips to help you prepare for surgery and to speed up your recovery. These include quitting smoking, at least temporarily, as nicotine slows the healing processes, consuming adequate amounts of fluids, vitamins and trace elements (vitamin C, selenium, zinc), and avoiding the use of aspirin, ginkgo biloba and other natural remedies, because these affect blood clotting.

What happens during surgery?

Post-pregnancy body contouring is tailored to the individual. Plastic surgery of the breasts may involve augmentation with an implant for a breast lift or breast enlargement in the case of minor sagging, breast augmentation in the case of an adequate amount of glandular tissue, a combination of these two interventions in the case of a small amount of glandular tissue, or breast reduction. Breast shape alteration can also be combined with a tummy tuck, which is often complemented by liposuction of the waist. The procedure under anesthesia takes 3-6 hours.

Recovery, regeneration

After post-pregnancy plastic surgery, you will need to spend a night or two, as required, in our Private Hospital, where you can relax in a pleasant and comfortable environment. You will need to wear the special corset and bra - which we provide for you - for eight weeks. The surgical site should not be exposed to water for one week. For the first two weeks it is important to avoid any strenuous physical activity and long walks. After two weeks you can gradually resume your previous rhythm of life, and after three weeks light exercise is allowed. Sunbathing and use of the solarium and sauna are not recommended for two months. Our plastic surgeon will call you back for a follow-up examination at specified intervals. The visible scars heal in approximately 6 months while those under the skin heal within approximately 2 years. Although we try to screen for all risk factors prior to post-pregnancy plastic surgery, unforeseen complications may occur. At the first consultation your plastic surgeon will inform you about these and how to avoid them.