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Dr. Rose  Obstetrics Obstetrical staff

Obstetrical Staff

Our staff makes a close-knit team, where everyone knows not only his own job, but that of the others’ very well, so they can join the process of giving birth smoothly at the right moments. Their cooperation guarantees the uniquely high quality of the service Dr. Rose Obstetric offers.

The specialists of Dr. Rose Obstetrics:

Erzsébet Békési, midwife

Dr. Dániel Dubecz, gynecologyst, obstetrician

Erika Farkas, nurse/midwife

Dr. Erzsébet Jurás, anesthesiologist

Dr. Árpád Kosztin, gynecologyst, obstetrician

Eleonóra Kunszt, midwife

Dr. Balázs Lintner, gynecologist, obstetrician

Dr. Ádám Tahy Ádám, anesthesiologist

Dr. Vera Tory, neonatologist

Sára Zibrányi, midwife