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Premium Medicals for Little Ones

2019-07-23 09:51:02
A visit to the doctor with your child is surely the last item on your wish list. The parents are worried and the children are scared. Dr. Viktória Bognár, paediatrician at Dr. Rose Private Hospital believes that a consultation doesn’t have to be a frightening experience for the kids. Premium paediatric care has its benefits for the little ones.

From Family Planning to Childbirth

2019-05-06 14:28:10
The arrival of a newborn baby is possibly the most exhilarating event in the life of a family: we are all hyped up, expectant, elated and perhaps a bit antsy, crossing fingers that everything will go smoothly. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital we provide everything for your journey into parenthood: expert physicians, cutting edge medical equipment, comfortable delivery rooms and inpatient suits of the highest standard are at your disposal, making the time of family planning, pregnancy and childbirth a memorable experience.

A Unique Solution to Osteoarthritis

2019-05-06 14:10:48
The cause of degenerative joint disease could be genetic, the result of increased physical exertion over time, or some traumatic injury. Pain and limited movement sometimes make everyday tasks a challenge. Good news is: the latest surgical procedures may help relieve the pain and effectively restore the cartilages.

Parkinson’s 101

2019-04-02 08:49:27
Shaking hands are most often associated with this progressive nervous system disorder, although only about two third of Parkinson’s sufferers develop noticeable tremor in the hand, and a series of symptoms may indicate other degenerative diseases. Here’s what you need to know about Parkinson’s disease.

Allergy stop

2019-03-21 14:22:38
It has started! Spring is in the air, and with it: a swarm of pollen from freshly budding trees and shrubs. Seasoned hay fever sufferers are well-armed with remedies and antidotes to mitigate the sniffy symptoms right from the onset. Not your problem? Lucky you, but bear in mind that allergy can appear out of the blue, at any age, even if it has never plagued you. Watch out for symptoms that resemble the common cold, as they may be caused by the overreaction of the immune system.

Eating Healthy During Christmas

2019-01-03 12:37:25
You can barely look at the cornucopia of food on the table, your plate is still half full and there’s more coming, while dessert is not even in sight.  Sounds familiar? Indigestion and the unwanted extra padding on your waistline seem to be the inevitable gifts of the festive season. How to break the spell – or curse, more like it – with high-calorie traditional dishes on the menu in most every Hungarian household? Well, the angel might be in the details: swapping a few ingredients for healthy options and avoiding notoriously harmful cooking methods will do the trick, and leave you with sumptuously nutritious dishes and no guilt at all.

Fight the Flu with a Jab

2018-11-14 11:39:44
Stunning autumn colours are gone, now you get the downside of the changing seasons: the lethargy, fever and muscle pain that signal the advent of influenza. To catch the nasty virus all you need is direct contact with an infected surface (touching a light switch, doorknob or the handrail on the tube) and transferring the pathogens to your mouth or nose. Get the better of flu this year with a jab! Get vaccinated!

Fit in the Office

2018-11-13 14:29:34
Sedentary work, especially desk jobs that require long hours by the computer, take their toll and pose considerable health risks. It is easy to get immersed in a project – poring over spreadsheets, writing e-mails, browsing and taking notes – and not even notice that our body is slumped in a chair in the same awkward position for hours. We only register the pain that eventually snaps us out of the stupor. Consciously arranging the work environment, checking our posture and doing a few easy exercises daily could make a world of a difference.

Innovation in Intim Area Reconstruction

2018-11-13 14:24:43
Most women may have heard about the importance of strengthening the perineal muscle, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth. Involuntary urine loss and incontinence, on the other hand, which affects the majority of women at one point in their lives, are often taboo. Sometimes even Kegel exercises are ineffective to tackle the problem – that’s when intim area reconstruction comes to the rescue.

Summertime? It is high time to have your birthmarks checked!

2018-05-03 12:20:15
Before you strip to your swimsuit and get out in the sun it is wise to have your birthmarks checked by a dermatologists. All it takes is twenty minutes but it might prove to be life-saving: the early detection of possible malignant skin lesions dramatically increases the chances of cure and recovery.

Fresh, Fit and Full of Life

2018-04-03 12:08:00
The winter cold and lack of fresh fruit and veggies can seriously compromise your natural defense against diseases. Make the most of the coming spring to boost your immune system. There is no more excuses to feel under the weather, so get on with it, follow our healthy tips, and you will get into top shape in no time.

We Wish You Healthy Holidays!

2017-12-19 10:24:46
Read the startling statistics: we take in twice the normal calories over the holidays, while getting even more flabby and sedentary than usual. After all, Christmas is about taking it easy, right? A bit of cake for breakfast, some sweet snack between meals, then the dreadful new year’s resolutions, swearing an oath to shed the extra pounds by Twelfth Night.

Cutting Edge Surgery to Restore Damaged Joints

2017-02-27 11:32:00
The natural surface wear or traumatic damage of cartilages – the smooth, delicate inner lining of your joints – can be both painful and debilitating. Innovative ways of restorative surgery are less invasive, more effective and heal quickly. Orthopaedic surgeon Professor László Hangody, medical director of Dr. Rose Private Hospital, is the forerunner and internationally acclaimed expert of mosaic plastic surgery: a cutting edge technique to effectively restore worn-out joints.

Seasonal Immune Boost

2016-11-25 09:52:00
The Starks’ motto is all too real this time of the year: winter is coming, and you have to take it in your stride. What can you do to fend off the misery of sniffing and coughing? Boost your immune system with the right nutrients.

September? Enjoy the Benefits of Wine

2016-09-29 09:26:00
If you ever wondered why it feels and tastes better to sip wine with a heavy meal rather than on its own, here’s the answer: wine is a natural digestive - in moderation.

Autumn Blues. Look after your varicose veins

2016-09-20 09:08:00
A visible network of spider veins on the legs is a nuisance, while large, protruding varicose veins should downright be your health concern. Here’s what you must know about the unsightly condition.