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Our dietary consultancy is not only an aid in changing your lifestyle and in health management, but also helps to treat developed diseases trough dietary changes.

Our aims are the best possible results. Because everybody is different the consultancy is fully personalised and focusing on the patient’s individual issues. We work together with the medical team to uncover the reasons behind the symptoms and complaints. We provide laboratory support and other diagnostic support to our patients. To offer our patients the most complex service we work together with an internist, a cardiologist, an endocrinologist, a diabetologist, a gastroenterologist or any other specialist if it’s necessary.

We give dietary advices and create a diet based on the patient’s gender, age, body weight, job and physical activity. The secret of our success is to create long term changes, thus we think the regular progress tracking is important.

During our consultations we teach the patients how to eat properly with respect to their illnesses and state of health. We teach them how to determine the sufficient portion of a meal and how to choose the right ingredients and cooking methods. Our goal is to create a well-balanced and enjoyable diet and lifestyle, rather than creating a one-dimensional diet.

What type of methods do we use during a dietary consultancy?

- Assessing the nutritional state, detailed body composition analysis with the advanced technology of the InBody 770 device

- Analysing and assessing the food diary and the blood sugar diary

- Laboratory tests

- Personalised diet plan and dietary consultancy

- Creating recipes and meal plans according to the patient’s needs

- Dietary programmes (e.g.: weight loss, pregnancy, converting to a healthy lifestyle etc.)

- Individual, couple and group consultancy

- Health Day presentations (on corporate events) and workshops

When do we recommend to visit a nutritionist?

- Creating a preventive and healthy lifestyle

- Body weight optimisation: obesity, decrease body fat percentage, malnutrition, and increase muscle mass at any age

- Disorders of the carbohydrate metabolism: insulin resistance, decreased glucose tolerance, diabetes, gestational diabetes

- Family planning, preparing to the pregnancy, diet plan for pregnancy and breast feeding

- Food allergies and intolerancies (for children too)

- Autoimmune diseases (coeliac disease, Hashimoto-thyreoiditis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.)

- Gastro-intestinal complaints and diseases: chronic diarrhoea, bloating, constipation, reflux, stomach ulcer etc.)

- Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBS, Chron, Colitis)

- Kidney stones/renal colic or the tendency to develop those

- Liver diseases

- Pancreatic diseases

- Cardiovascular diseases (hypertonia, higher cholesterol level, stroke, heart attack)

- Tumorous diseases

- Diet plan before and after surgery

- Neurological disorders (e.g.: epilepsy)


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