Vitiligo treatment

Vitiligo is a skin condition of unknown origin, it can be caused by severe injuries such as burns, but it can also occur in surgical scars, autoimmune diseases or oxidative stress. Symptoms of the disease are white patches where the skin loses its pigment. These patches become larger over time. Thanks to the special light energy of the ALMA Harmony XL Pro laser system, the affected areas of the skin regain their pigmentation. 


Vitiligo is an incurable but treatable skin condition, and light energy can improve the skin’s appearance. During laser treatments, the skin’s ability to produce melanin begins to work again, the size of the white skin patches decreases and over time become similar to the color of healthy skin. Thanks to the treatment applicator head and focused energy of the Alma Harmony XL PRO laser device, the dermatologist only treats the affected skin area. However, it should be noted that vitiligo alone does not require treatment, so therapy is recommended for those who want to minimize the symptoms of this skin condition.


Prior to treatment, our dermatologist or aesthetic assistant will examine your skin, assess the lesions, then make a personal treatment plan and describe the steps and effects of the treatment.


No special preparation is required in the case of cosmetic and cosmetological treatments, but it is worth placing more emphasis on hydrating the skin surface to be treated in the days before the procedure. In addition, due to the pigment spots lacking melanin, light protection should be a priority for patients with a minimum SPF30 factor sunscreen, because the skin would burn easily, and the difference would be even more pronounced due to the increase in melanin content in healthy skin.


As the first step in vitiligo treatment, our dermatologist or aesthetic assistant prepares the skin surface to be treated, cleanses it of all impurities, and then moves the laser’s applicator head on the lighter skin surfaces to stimulate the melanin-producing cells of the skin with pulses of light. A final treatment is performed with regenerating preparations and a sunscreen product. The treatment does not involve any discomfort. Each treatment takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the skin area being treated. During therapy, it is advisable to perform laser treatment once or twice a week for 3-5 months - or until the symptoms disappear - to achieve the optimal result. An average of 30 continuous treatments are required to initiate pigmentation. Vitiligo treatment is painless and does not cause any discomfort.


Thanks to the treatment, tiny pigment ’islands’ are formed in the lighter areas of the skin owing to the effects of the laser energy, which during the course of treatment merge to form a uniform skin color. The course of treatment should not be interrupted as it may not only slow the improvement of symptoms but may even reverse it. Treatment may trigger the use of corticosteroid creams, and - unlike the recommended therapies - the patient is not at risk of any side effects.


After vitiligo treatment you can safely resume your usual work. High-intensity light energy can cause the skin to flush slightly, but this will go away after a short time. An important part of the aftercare is to apply sunscreen every day, protect your skin with suitable clothing, and use the skin care and regeneration products recommended by our dermatologist, which are perfect for your skin.