OSMOPEEL NEW SKIN - skin renewal treatment

A unique, extremely gentle exfoliating treatment that leaves skin smooth, refreshed and radiant.

When is Osmopeel skin renewal treatment warranted?

Our skin is constantly regenerating itself, but the dead skin cells remain on the surface, making facial skin look pale and gray. In everyday life, dirt is deposited deep in the pores, which can cause acne, inflammation and thus premature aging. Osmopeel skin renewal treatment tackles both problems regardless of skin type and age. The exfoliating treatment smooths, revitalizes, radiates and rejuvenates the skin, alongside which the skin surface becomes more uniform. Osmopeel skin renewal treatment is recommended weekly or twice weekly if you do not have time at home to perform skin renewal treatment. It can also be used occasionally - before special occasions (especially recommended for brides a couple of days before the big day, for even more lasting and perfect make-up), if you want to get your skin into the best condition - or as a relaxing, skin-perfecting program.

What happens at the first consultation?

Prior to treatment, our beautician will provide personalized care by getting to know your skin. They will describe the steps and effects of Osmopeel skin renewal treatment.

Preparing for treatment

No special preparations are required prior to cosmetic treatments.

What happens during treatment?

After reaching a relaxed state, the skin is prepared by our beautician to receive the maximum amount of active ingredients. As a first step, they use an effective deep cleansing ritual to rid the skin of all impurities, then remove dead skin cells from the surface of the facial skin with the help of the applied peeling materials, before relaxing the facial muscles with acupressure techniques and Cellular Water. After this has taken effect, the skin is restored with appropriate products for your skin type. Finally, our beautician performs a pleasant facial massage complemented by the products of their choice that support your skin type, and sunscreen. The treatment is pain-free, although during the peeling you may experience a tingling, possibly stinging feeling, but no side effects are expected.

What results can you expect from the treatment?

Thanks to the treatment, the facial skin will be immediately cleaner and fresher as the dead skin cells are removed from the skin surface. The pores clear and decrease in size. Dry skin and the resulting flakiness disappear. The skin is smoothed, its surface becomes more uniform and even. After the first treatment the skin immediately becomes healthier and more radiant, however we recommend repeating the treatment regularly.

Aftercare and home skin care ritual

After Osmopeel skin renewal treatment, you can safely do your usual tasks. An important part of the aftercare is to apply sunscreen daily and use the skin care and regenerating products recommended by our beautician, which perfectly complement your skin type.