INTENSIVE HYALURONIC - Hyaluronic acid replenishing treatment

Hyaluronic acid replenishing treatment is a special, very effective treatment that intensively hydrates and enhances the healthy condition of the skin by delivering oxygen to the cells. Fine wrinkles are filled out, the firmness and vitality of the skin is restored, and the rehydration of the cells is long-lasting.

When is Hyaluronic acid replenishing treatment warranted?

The level of natural hyaluronic acid in our skin steadily decreases as we age. Since over time our body is no longer able to produce an adequate amount of this compound, we need to replenish it. This problem affects women more, as women’s skin is thinner, so the first wrinkles appear earlier. Hyaluronic acid replenishing treatment has an immediate effect, as the treatment and the high-dose administration of active ingredients immediately replenish the skin. It is an ideal complement to certain aesthetic procedures, but it is also suitable for filling in wrinkles and fine furrows and for intensive rehydration of the skin. Hyaluronic acid replenishing treatment is recommended for all skin types as an intensive treatment four times over two months, or in addition to aesthetic procedures, injection and mesotherapy treatments, once a month.

What happens at the first consultation?

Prior to treatment, our beautician will provide personalized care by getting to know your skin. They will describe the steps and effects of the Hyaluronic acid replenishing treatment.

Preparing for treatment

No special preparation is required prior to cosmetic treatments.

What happens during treatment?

As a first step in the one-hour Hyaluronic acid replenishing treatment, our beautician prepares the facial skin to receive the maximum amount of active ingredients. The skin is cleansed of all impurities with Esthederm’s specific ritual, which is supplemented with glycolic acid during this treatment, after which the facial muscles are relaxed with Cellular Water and acupressure techniques. The beautician then supplies oxygen to the skin cells using a two-component oxygen-enhancing bubble mask and replenishes the facial skin with rich active ingredients in combination with encapsulated hyaluronic acid. After this has taken effect, the skin is restored with appropriate products for your skin. Finally, our beautician performs a finishing treatment with products using GLOBAL CELLULAR PROTECTION technology and sunscreen. The treatment does not cause any discomfort.

What results can you expect from the treatment?

Thanks to the treatment, facial skin immediately becomes fresh, oxygen-enriched and radiant. As a result of the applied active ingredients, the skin will be perfectly hydrated and smoothed, regaining its youth, firmness and fullness. It also protects the skin from environmental damage, stress factors and oxidative stress.

Aftercare, home facial ritual

After INTENSIVE HYALURONIC treatment you can safely do your usual tasks. An important part of the aftercare is to apply sunscreen daily and use the skin care and regenerating products recommended by our beautician, which perfectly match your skin type.