Belkyra injection double chin treatment

Belkyra double chin treatment is a personalized injection procedure that can only be used by a trained doctor, the active ingredient breaks down the fat cells in a double chin.

When is Belkyra injection double chin treatment warranted?

It is possible that even with the most effective diets and healthy eating, stubborn fat deposits develop in the area under the chin. This is because the appearance of a double chin depends mostly on genetic factors. We recommend Belkyra treatment for those who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their double chin but do not want surgery. Belkyra injection double chin treatment is an FDA-approved patent and the efficacy of the active ingredient used has been proven in clinical trials.

What happens at the first consultation?

During the first consultation, our specialist will examine you, assess the condition of the tissue under the chin and neck and make a proposal on the type of correction required, then inform you exactly about the course of the series of treatments. Belkyra injection double chin treatment should not be used for very sagging double chins. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have previously had any surgical or cosmetic surgery on your neck or face, or if you have kidney problems.

Preparing for the intervention

In contrast to the preparations for plastic surgeries, no further examinations are needed following that performed at the consultation, but we recommend the introduction of certain lifestyle changes to enhance the result of the treatment. We recommend that you do not smoke, thereby promoting skin regeneration processes. Before the procedure, eat light meals, ensure sufficient fluid intake, and we advise you to take certain vitamin and mineral supplements (vitamin C, selenium and zinc) to help you heal. Taking aspirin, ginkgo biloba and other herbal naturopathic preparations is not recommended for two weeks prior to the Belkyra injection double chin treatment.

What happens during the procedure?

Although it is not a surgical procedure, it is necessary to professionally anesthetize the treated area. Our specialist will then determine the ideal amount of active ingredient based on the amount of fat to be broken down and your individual anatomical features, and then plan at which points to inject. They then inject the active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body, into the skin over a 15–20-minute period, with the entire procedure taking about 40 minutes. The active ingredient not only reduces fat cells but also destroys them, so its effect is lasting. The ingredient used helps to adhere sagging skin by inducing sterile inflammation, so the skin will not hang loosely in the treated area after the procedure. As a result of Belkyra double chin treatment, collagen production starts in the body, which makes the skin more elastic and tighter. The procedure is painless, but the injected material may cause a temporary stinging sensation. The fat breakdown of the double chin always takes place over a series of treatments. Depending on individual conditions, it usually takes 2-4, at most up to 6 treatments to achieve the desired effect. A minimum of 4 weeks regeneration time is required between treatments.

What results can you expect from the intervention?

After the first treatment, the fat-breakdown process starts in the body, and a spectacular result is usually seen after the second treatment, but the final condition develops in 4-6 weeks after the final treatment. After Belkyra double chin treatments, you can say goodbye permanently to the disturbing double chin, you will have a more youthful appearance, and the change in the shape of your face will have a beneficial effect on your overall appearance.

Recovery, aftercare

As Belkyra double chin treatment is not a surgical procedure, there are no surgical scars, so you can feel free to resume your daily activities after the procedure. During the first consultation our specialist will inform you about possible side effects and their treatment. It is not advisable to use any other cosmetic or surgical intervention during the treatment series.