BALANCE HYDRA - Hydrating antioxidant treatment

A special, relaxing treatment that not only deeply hydrates the skin, but also restores its harmony and preserves its youth.

When is a hydrating antioxidant treatment warranted?

Our skin becomes less and less hydrated due to stress and aging, and fine wrinkles and furrows begin to appear. To regain deep hydration, it is not enough to consume plenty of fluids, we also need to support our skin with active ingredients that help to overcome the free radicals that cause the signs of aging. The BALANCE HYDRA - Hydrating antioxidant treatment contains special active ingredients such as Cellular Water, seaweed or tetrapeptides that make the skin full of life and radiance. The treatment is recommended for all ages and skin types, but with dehydrated skin it works wonders, helping to balance the skin’s hydration and youthfulness.

What happens at the first consultation?

Prior to treatment, our beautician will provide personalized care by getting to know your skin. They will also describe the steps and effects of the Hydrating antioxidant treatment.

Preparing for treatment

No special preparations are required prior to cosmetic treatments.

What happens during treatment?

As a first step in the 45-minute treatment, our beautician cleanses your skin and then energizes and balances the skin’s microbiome. This is followed by the application of the special CELLULAR WATER-patented moisturizing and antioxidant active ingredients to the skin. An energizing, relaxing, light lifting massage recharges the skin. Finally, our beautician uses an intensive hyaluronic acid cream mask as a final treatment, then applies hydrating preparations and sunscreen. The treatment does not involve any discomfort, in fact a feeling of relaxation and rest is guaranteed!

What results can you expect from the treatment?

Thanks to the treatment, the facial skin becomes immediately and intensely hydrated, its radiance returns, and it becomes more flexible. Fine wrinkles and furrows are plumped up as a result of hydration. A course of treatment is recommended, once a week or continuously, once a month. We can schedule this prior to medical aesthetic interventions to increase their effectiveness.

Aftercare and home skin care ritual

After the Hydrating antioxidant treatment, you can safely do your usual tasks. An important part of the aftercare is to apply sunscreen daily and use the regenerating skin care products which perfectly match your skin type, as recommended to you by our beautician.