Complex dietetic screening package

With the help of our complex dietetic package, we assess your current health and nutrition status and provide a wide range of information about how your body works. We can make personalized changes to your lifestyle and eating habits based on the results of detailed lab tests, including metabolic function, and a body composition examination using the state-of-the-art InBody 770 analyzer. We can accurately determine the degree of overweight or obesity, muscle mass, the bones’ mineral content and the water content of the body, in order to promote the development of your body composition in a positive direction even more effectively.

Our specially designed package can be recommended as a screening for disease prevention, because it can be used to determine which diseases have an increased risk of developing. The package is also an excellent option for employees who undergo intense mental and physical strain (e.g., managers, regular athletes). If you already have certain recurrent symptoms or complaints, do not delay your investigation in any way.

1st appointment: dietary consultation - 90 minutes

  • Questionnaire evaluation and analysis (eating habits, diseases, etc.)
  • Nutrition Status Survey:
  • - Height measurement (using the InBody 770 analyzer, which requires this data)
  • - Waist circumference - measurement (with measuring tape)
  • - Determination of body weight and body composition - InBody 770
  • Introduction of a nutrition diary (paper based/mobile app)

2nd appointment: lab tests

  1. a) Diabetes: Full lab test panel, Thyroid package, oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) with insulin levels 0-60-120 minutes, HbA1c, Urine microalbumin
  2. a) Bloating/diarrhea: Full lab test panel, Lactose intolerance genetic test, Helicobacter antigen in feces, celiac screening

3rd appointment: dietetics consultation - 60 minutes

  • Evaluation of lab test results
  • Nutrition diary analysis
  • Discussion of issues related to the proposed diet
  • Personalized diet control (ingredient selection, kitchen technology, cooking advice, recipes)
  • Additional eating and lifestyle management ideas and suggestions