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Pediatrics and Infant Care

The Dr. Rose specialists believe that they can do their job on the most efficient way, if their relationship with their small patients starts in really early period of life and features a long-term persistency.

Pediatrics and Infant care

The Dr. Rose specialists believe that they can do their job on the most efficient way, if their relationship with their small patients starts in really early period of life and features a long-term persistency.

Our pediatricians keep under review the child’s development even before the childbirth from the embryonic life. They consult with the expectant mother, follow up the pregnancy, and perform the first examinations of the baby right after the childbirth. We put a premium on that, our colleagues examine not only the child’s state of health at the same time but they get to know the parental anamnesis.

The Dr. Rose’s pediatric specialty embraces all the screenings, aptitude tests, consultation, releasing of school and camp certified statements, injection of vaccinations, treatments from the first examination of the babyhood over the screenings of schoolability till the age of 18, which means the threshold of adulthood. The clinical activity is completed by own hospital background with the most modern machine park, modern operating rooms, wards equipped with all comfort, all this contributes to our complexity.

We composed our pediatric screening packages that we could close out the most possible risk factors according to the proper age. These packages can be modified according to individual needs as well.

Our colleagues know well, this area needs special abilities, because proper question culture is necessary to the communication with the little child. The gesture system should be valued more concentrated, during the treatment it is needed to be considered, that the inappropriate attitude can cause long-lasting trauma. In course of both the examinations and the cure the involvement of the parents is necessary, because their observations can help to make the diagnosis. These can give base for the doctor, he can approach the child adapting to its personality. Last but not least the presence of the parents increases the child’s sense of security.

Wide coverage of pediatric professions is featured for the Dr. Rose.

Our specialties
- General pediatrics
- Gastroenterology
- Pulmonology, allergology
- Endocrinology
- Orthopedics
- Ophthalmology
- Nefrology
- Neurology
- Surgery

The advantages of Dr. Rose’s pediatric consulting room:

• Callable phone duty n 24 hours daily.
• Nonstop pediatrician field-work, with home attendance.
• Emergency child attendance in 24 hours of the day: every day of the week, in 24 hours of the day, at the weekends and on public holiday home or clinical emergency attendance depending on the child’s condition.
• Child care from new-born’s age: family doctor’s child care, following up the bodily-physic development of the child, consultation about the emerging problems in course of upbringing, injection of compulsory and optional vaccinations.
• Supply of pediatric, family doctor’s even with home health care as well.
• In-patient service for child: if the child’s disease necessitates hospital treatment (intravenous medication, giving infusion, hospital observation, etc.), one or more-day in-patient service can be ensured by the institute.
• Pediatric screening examinations: Screening examinations, within the confines of even the child packages per age groups even personalized care packages.
• Injection of compulsory and optional vaccinations: Replacing the loss of vaccinations, following the foreign vaccination orders, injection of compulsory and optional vaccinations, on demand with the purchase of vaccine.
• Camp and health certified statements: Releasing the necessary health certified statements for school or camp after the pediatric examination.
• Preferential, rack rate child care packages, on demand personalized service packages
• Ensuring advantaged in-patient service at our clinic
• Family discounts: We ensure 15% discount from the annual package price per age group in case of second child, 30% discount in case of third child.
• In case of hospitalization the bought card for pediatric services are entitled for discount depending on its type.

Our child services

- Card packages

• Child package for 0-1 year-old
• Child package for 1-6 year-old
• Child package for 6-14 year-old

- Screening packages

• Basic screening package
• School PLUS screening package

- In-patient service