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Orthopedy treats both congenital and acquired locomotor disorders, such as abnormalities of the arm and leg bones and joints, and diseases of the muscles and disfigurations of the soft tissues surrounding spinal vertebrae. 

As most people have sedentary jobs and a non-athletic lifestyle, problems with the spine and locomotor diseases are getting more and more common at an increasingly younger age. Due to frequent road accidents, many people suffer from bone and skeletal deformities, the instability of joints and sports injuries, all of which require complex treatment.

We strongly believe in the importance of prevention and health preservation, thus we recommend to people of all ages, from children to seniors, to undergo orthopedic screenings regularly. Abnormalities diagnosed in time can be treated with a higher chance of full recovery not only in the field of orthopedy, but other specialties as well.

Dr. Rose Orthopedic Center offers help in case of both acute and chronic locomotive complaints: our internationally recognized specialists can give you the right treatment, perform surgery if necessary and assist you in your rehabilitation. Our doctors are backed in their work by up-to-date diagnostic and surgical equipment fitting for the expectations of the day and age. 

Surgeries are performed without having to sign up for a waiting list, as we are fully aware of the impact of getting a hip, shoulder or knee replacement as early as possible in order to improve your quality of life, speed up your healing process and complete recovery.

You can read more about orthopedy as a specialty, examinations and surgeries on the page of Dr. Rose Orthopedic Center