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Dr. Rose  Obstetrics Dr. Rose birth plan

The specialists of Dr. Rose Obstetrics regard giving birth as a natural process; some circumstances can be planned beforehand, but the events that take place in the delivery room cannot be controlled in every aspect. However, in our experience we noticed that mothers-to be find comfort in deciding about certain details in order to make circumstances as ideal as possible. By looking at this birth plan, you will find out about the services of our obstetric department, and will be able to make your requests clear.

We recommend you to study and fill in this plan on your own or with your family first. Then consult the details with your obstetrician or doula in order to let us coordinate available options with your personal requests. Naturally, filling out the plan does not impose any obligation on your part: you are free to change your mind before or during giving birth. We will adapt to your wishes as much as possible.

1. Who should be present in the delivery room?

At Dr. Rose Obstetrics, we follow the Western practice, meaning that labor is supervised by a highly qualified obstetrician already familiar to you from prenatal care and the preparatory sessions. Additional doctors and nurses are also available if needed, and in case of a complication that needs surgical intervention, a prepared surgery room is situated right next to the delivery room.

You also get to decide on who should keep you company in the delivery room from your relatives and circle of friends. But no matter how thoroughly you might plan your labor, we advise you to prepare whoever might be there with you that you might change your mind at the last minute, and find that you need something entirely different from what you supposed beforehand.

During labor

During the necessary examinations while I am in labor

During delivery:

2. Amenities

We designed the delivery room of Dr. Rose to help you forget that you are at a hospital, and make you feel at home in the environment as much as possible. We are convinced that every detail that that makes the mother in labor comfortable helps her to get in the right mindset thus fosters an easier delivery. During the preparation and labor you can choose from the following options:

During labor

Proposed enema:

3. Inducing labor

Your obstetrician will calculate the expected time of giving birth. However, this date is not a hundred percent sure; sometimes babies tend to be headstrong. But at Dr. Rose, we never induce labor artificially just because you have reached your due date. Of course certain situations may arise where it is necessary for the sake of the baby’s or the mother’s health, but in case of a normal pregnancy, we deem an extra week over your due date unproblematic, thus, we do not try to speed up the process in any way. 

If inducing labor is medically necessary, I would like to

During labor

During labor, I would like to

During labor I would like to have the following pain relief:

In case labor is uneventful (it is not a preterm birth, the fetus is not in an improper position, etc.)

4.The conditions of delivery

The midwife will actively assist you during pushing in order to make it as easy and quick as possible. Even though it is hard to tell beforehand which position will be the most comfortable for you while you are pushing, collecting your ideas when you are preparing for delivery might prove helpful later.

During pushing I would like to try

During pushing

In case a C-section becomes necessary, I would like the following people to be present in the surgery room:

In case a C-section becomes necessary, and there is still time for it, I would like to get

If the C-section is performed in epidural anesthesia

I would like to have the umbilical cord cut

I would like to have the umbilical cord cut

I would like cord blood

I would like to have the cord blood drawing

In case of a complication-free delivery I would like

5. Postnatal days (if there has not been any complications)

After the postnatal monitoring is over, we leave you and your newborn alone to relax. Naturally, you can share your room with the family members and friends you wish to have by your side during these first moments or hours. The father and siblings of the baby or other family members can stay with you day and night, and your friends are free to visit you anytime. As a baby friendly hospital, we believe in rooming-in, but should you have any questions or need any help, our baby nurse and pediatrician are there to assist you. Following the same principles as western obstetrics, we do not wish to prolong your hospital stay unnecessarily: after vaginal birth we recommend an overnight stay, and in case of a C-section, the recommendation is two nights.

The night after the delivery I would like

6. Questions concerning breastfeeding

At Dr. Rose Obstetrics, we recommend breastfeeding for the health of both the mother and the baby. However, the decision is yours to make, and our staff will be happy to assist you in feeding your baby by whichever method you choose.

During the first days

If my milk production does not start

If expressing breast milk is necessary to feed my baby

In-between nursing sessions

7. The hospital care of my child


During our hospital stay, I would like the baby

8. Taking photos and making videos


Taking photos and making videos

9. Aftercare

At Dr. Rose Obstetrics we do not leave you on your own with the baby even after your discharge. Throughout your first days together, we pay you regular visits in your home, and our baby nurse helps you to learn the ropes of bathing, changing diapers and breastfeeding. If need be, our pediatrician also takes house calls, so you will not have to travel with the newborn.

What would you like?

10. Infant care and pediatrics

Our pediatrician examines the newborn right after delivery. Later it is possible to request this same doctor to always provide the necessary infant care and pediatric treatment, as he or she knows your baby from the moment of birth.

What would you like?