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How do we combat the uncertainty that surrounds us?

The events of recent times have placed our society under a great deal of stress and psychological strain. The constant, virtually unstoppable development of technology has increased the pace of our lives, which means increased demands and pressures not only at work but also day-to-day. Added to this is the pandemic that has disrupted our normal lives, followed by then the war in neighboring Ukraine, with its economic consequences that affect us all. In the midst of this difficult period, we interviewed Dr Erika Kopacz, psychiatrist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

Mask wearing is compulsory

In accordance with the information from the National Chief Medical Officer, in health care institutions the wearing of masks is compulsory in the rooms used for patient care (clinics, wards) and areas open to patient traffic (waiting rooms, corridors). If necessary, masks will be provided for our patients.

Responsibility and awareness

"Responsibility in this sphere is definitely a keyword. Our VIP clients live their lives with a high degree of awareness, hence they also use healthcare accordingly." – Dr. habil. Ádám Lelbach, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s Chief of Internal Medicine and head of the VIP department describes the hospital’s VIP card service.

Downloadable x-rays and mammography scans

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, we use state-of-the-art digital devices for x-ray and mammography examinations. The completed x-ray and mammograph images are also available online for our patients. The unique link to the gallery and how to access it will be emailed to our patients. The images can be downloaded - even from a mobile phone - for later saving, and we provide your doctor with a view of the image findings in medical format (DICOM). Previous x-rays can be of great help in diagnosing and setting up the optimal treatment plan.

Oncoplasty: unique in private healthcare

The oldest private hospital in the capital, Dr. Rose Private Hospital in the center of Budapest, is constantly being renewed and developed. The clinic, which serves almost 50,000 patients a year, recently completed an investment of more than 600 million HUF, which not only made the environment even more attractive, but also added an array of modern medical equipment, unique in international healthcare, to the existing range.

Patients’ best interests should be the primary concern

The number of private health care institutions is growing rapidly, and with no end in sight. There is no doubt that this process is mainly driven by growing demand, from within the state healthcare system. But is there enough solvent demand to sustain all the increasingly expensive private clinics? What is the role of public and private care in the current health care system? We sought answers to these questions from Dr. Kornél Papik, Managing Director of Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

Website of the year 2021

Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s website has won a special award in Website of the Year’s Healthcare category. With the creation of our new website, the new look is complemented by updated content and even more information. As a result of the renewal, our specialist clinics, services, doctors, offers and prices are more easily and quickly accessible.

What makes private patients satisfied?

In addition to successful medical interventions, healing requires the spirit to relax and recharge. A soothing environment, personalized attention, dependable care – these are the added values that help our recovery. We asked Zsófia Mészáros, customer relations manager at Dr. Rose Private Hospital, what makes a private healthcare service really stand out?