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News at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

At a press conference on October 15, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s latest developments were presented, which in the first instance means the hospital premises’ renewal and medical technology improvements, as well as the new image and communication elements. Dr. Kornél Papik, managing director, reported that the number of patients at the private hospital had increased by more than 30 percent compared to two years ago, and according to preliminary data, in 2021 the hospital will serve nearly 50,000 customers.

Brand building: Dr. Rose Private Hospital

Dr. Rose Private Hospital has been providing plastic surgery and medical aesthetic care since 2010 under the name Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute.
From October 2021, the Institute’s name will also be renewed: we welcome those arriving for plastic surgeries and medical aesthetic procedures in Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s Department of Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics. The new name is your assurance as our goal is care with the excellent Rose quality, maximum safety, constant technological developments and the continually refreshed exclusive environment of our hospital.

New medical aesthetics service at Dr. Rose Private Hospital: Institut Esthederm in the service of aesthetics

Through its decades of research and development, as well as its unique innovations and patents, Institut Esthederm has become a major player in the international cosmetics industry. The company’s commitment to extending its research and development activities to all areas of the human health sector has created a balance of beauty, health and well-being, recognized worldwide. Researchers and dedicated staff at Institut Esthederm’s laboratory have put ecobiology at the service of aesthetics, to bring gentle and natural regeneration to the fore in the creation of all its products.

In safe hands at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

During the current coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Rose Private Hospital receives all its patients in complete safety. In the interests of uninterrupted and safe care, we have further tightened our hygiene protocols with the help of, among other things, the Hyper Light Disinfection Robot to ensure the bacteria- and virus-free sterility of operating rooms, surgeries, patient rooms and waiting rooms. For Covid-19 screening the Private Hospital provides patients with a full range of tests.

Videodermatoscope at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

We use FotoFinder® technology from one of the world's leading manufacturers for long-term image-based monitoring of skin cancer. Mole screening is performed using the FotoFinder® camera system and Moleanalyzer pro® software with artificial intelligence developed by the Department of Dermatology at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

Dietetic consultation at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

In the course of a dietetic consultation, we provide assistance not only in lifestyle changes and health maintenance, but also in the dietary treatment of established diseases. We strive for maximum results for our patients, focusing on individual problems, as we are all different and hence the consultation is completely personalized.

Screening for children after COVID-19

Children and adolescents also get infected with the coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic, however in their case the disease is mostly asymptomatic or only mild. Rarely, children may develop a serious condition as a result of an infection or 2-3 weeks post-infection, in the form of ’multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children’ or ’pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome’ (MIC-S or PIMS) that can infect multiple organs (heart, lungs, intestinal tract, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes) and usually requires hospitalization.

Cardiological screening tests after Covid-19

Prolonged symptoms, fatigue and weakness often persist after a COVID-19 infection, which may be indicative of possible longer-term respiratory and cardiovascular complications of the coronavirus. Mainly with more symptomatic cases but also with asymptomatic infections, scarring may develop in the lungs, causing myocarditis, myocardial infarction, heart failure, and thrombotic events due to increased coagulation.