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Poemed Amour Earrings Schoeffel Collier Scp 10 Little Flower Rings

Almost a decade of passion,
shining thousands of shadows,
keeping the everlasting fascination”

The uniqe luxury of Schoeffel pearls reveals itself in his personality and discreteness. Under leading the fourth generation, since 1921 creates Schoeffel the impressive jewellry with pearls and handles with selected cultured pearls. Commitment to the quality gives a special profile and a high prestige among the luxurybrands.
The twinkle of the Schoeffel pearl is a compliment for the beauty of the women.

Our offer for the Dr. Rose Partner Program Members:
Invitation for a private luxury party to our Schoeffel Showroom.
We give for our guests a 25.000.- Ft value voucher, and for our customers a travel box for the jewelry. 

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