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Cell Therapy to Heal Joint Problems

Minimal invasive surgery and propagating own cells could be the holy grail of orthopaedics The abrasive wear of the most frequently used joints in the human body could advance to a point when every step of a short walk, scaling a staircase or lifting the slightest weight causes excruciating pain. A few decades ago the only solution to arthritis was surgery, leaving the patients with prosthetic implants. Now minimal invasive surgery is revolutionising orthopaedics.

Mosaic plastic surgery – basically the autotransplantation of hyaline cartilage tissues – heals painful joints so fast that patients can return to their usual routine in a few days and even start exercising a couple of weeks after surgery. The public health system struggles to cope with the high demand, waiting lists stretch the painful wait for months and even years. Dr. Rose Private Hospital effectively offers the same range of othopaedic operations as state healthcare –endoprothesis, cartilage transplant, cruciate ligament restoration and arthroscopic surgery – without the waiting list. While in hospital, our own physiotherapists assist the patients right after surgery, and we are ready to facilitate expert help post-operation for outpatients, to make sure that the correct exercises expedite their recuperation at home.

Good to Know

• In mosaic plastic surgery, tiny, cylindrical sections from the healthy surface of a joint are punctured and removed, complete with part of the underlying bone. The section is then grafted into the deformed cartilage surface.
• Some forty thousand mosaic plastic surgery operations are performed every year the world over.
• Minimal invasive operations leave almost invisible scars and allow patients to use their limbs within a day, and even start doing light exercises in a very short time.
• In case of extensively degenerated, worn and damaged cartilages prosthetic surgery is still the recommended medical protocol.
• Formulas and dietary supplements to care for your joints are effective in prevention but the human body can hardly heal its heavily worn cartilage surfaces.

Ask the Expert

Professor László Hangody, head of Dr. Rose Orthopaedic Centre, who invented mosaic plastic surgery, is optimistic about further medical developments in the field.

"I am fully convinced that novel forms of cell therapy will become the norm in clinical practice soon. Critically damaged areas can be healed by propagating the patient's own cells into tissues that replace the affected part in the body. Our research particularly focused on biodegradable materials that are implanted into the body and propagate tissue growth in situ. Researchers will keep adding valuable innovations to the technologies of arthroscopy and endoprosthetics. As a result, we can be ever more precise and effective in operations, and less time will be needed for full rehabilitation."

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