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Premium Medicals for Little Ones

A visit to the doctor with your child is surely the last item on your wish list. The parents are worried and the children are scared. Dr. Viktória Bognár, paediatrician at Dr. Rose Private Hospital believes that a consultation doesn’t have to be a frightening experience for the kids. Premium paediatric care has its benefits for the little ones.

It is an unparalleled opportunity for patients of Dr. Rose to enjoy top quality medical care from childbirth through to adulthood.

Our paediatricians thoroughly examine every newborn baby in our neonatal ward and provide a comprehensive health assessment until the mother and baby are released from the hospital. In those important months after birth we follow through with regular check-ups and scheduled vaccinations, helping the parents with expert medical advice. “Children are not pint-sized adults,” says Dr. Bognár. “Being more fragile and sensitive, they have very different health issues and need to be treated differently. Not only medically but psychologically as well. A point in case: they cannot talk and describe their symptoms verbally.”

Even older children find it difficult to specify and verbalise their symptoms, and they may interpret normal physical sensations as pain or anomalies. An experienced paediatrician has excellent communication and metacommunication skills, trained to read the child’s gestures and words. They also have to explain to children clearly what is happening in the medical rooms and why.

Gaining the children’s and parents’ trust is a key to success. “Arriving to the emergency ward is the most precarious situation, when parents and children are uncertain about the procedure. It is part of our job to make sure that they have trust in our expertise,” explains Dr. Bognár.

It is our absolute priority at Dr. Rose Private Hospital to minimise waiting time. We are aware that parents are worried to see their children spend too much time with other sick children in the same room. Kids also get anxious waiting around for long and not knowing what would happen to them. That’s why prompt service and short waiting time are crucial in our paediatric care.

Dr. Viktória Bognár, paediatrician at Dr. Rose Private Hospital
What is special about paediatric care at Dr. Rose?

The friendly atmosphere at our private hospital makes it easier to examine the children and come up with an accurate diagnosis. Upon arrival, they are invited with welcome snacks and drinks, and there’s a magical world with colourful balloon lights and ladybugs. It is easier to inspect them when they are playing at ease, allowing the physician to consult the parents, ask them questions about the child’s anamnesis and pinpoint all the symptoms that are important for an accurate diagnosis. The examination itself is as playful as possible, so that children are not traumatised by the experience and later they return for check-ups without resistance, on their own accord.

In case further examinations are needed (e.g. blood tests and screenings) or the expert opinion of a specialist is required, other departments of Dr. Rose are close at hand for an immediate consultation. Patients don’t have to wait for medical results and our call center is available 24/7 to provide you with constant medical support. So much so that our hotline makes it possible to avoid unnecessary hospitalisation under close medical supervision if your physician finds it a viable option.

Such flexible treatment options are possible thanks to our efforts to establish trust with our patients, the continuous availability of expert assistance, expedited tests and screenings, and last but not least because the nation’s top specialists are working at Dr. Rose. Our physicians studied or practiced medicine all around the world, thus they have the empathy and experience to build trust with the little patients who are naturally anxious to see a doctor in a foreign country.

“Speaking languages is a prerequisite for our colleagues at Dr. Rose. It is most important that children are relaxed and trusting, so the last thing they want is adults talking over their heads in a foreign tongue that they don’t understand. Speaking their language – literally and figuratively – is perhaps the most valuable tool in a doctor’s bag,” says out of experience Dr. Bognár, who used to live abroad as a child and practiced medicine for years in France. She can put her skills to good use at Dr. Rose on a daily basis.