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Wine – not quite what the doctor ordered

One glass is medicine, more glasses are remedy, goes the silly saying. Our specialist begs to differ.

“Some researchers claim that red wine is beneficial for your health,” says Dr. Ádám Lelbach, leading physician at Dr. Rose Private Hospital. “Read further on, however, and you will find that a daily dose of more than 0.1 liter could have adverse effects. Indeed, a sip of red wine might help most of us, but any form of alcohol is strictly forbidden with liver or pancreas conditions. Doctors are not unanimously happy to promote the idea that red wine is good for your health,” concludes Dr. Lelbach. “It is easy to disregards the recommended quantity, thinking that the same amount of alcohol is less harmful when consumed as wine, compared to spirits. It is a gross fallacy.”

What makes wine allegedly beneficial in the first place? “The presence of antioxidants, combined with the relaxing effect of alcohol, apparently,” explains Dr. Lelbach. It is fair to say that moderate and occasional consumption of red wine statistically makes us less prone to prostate cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cardiac related deaths, as well as slows aging, protects the bones and ligaments, and mitigates osteoporoses.

The bad news, on the other hand, is that alcohol may induce colorectal and breast cancer, and may aggravate liver and thyroid conditions. It also makes your migraine a lot worse, while stomach problems and certain neurological conditions require a total ban on alcohol.

Let’s not forget pharmacological contraindication: a long list of drugs that cause serious side effects when combined with even a little alcohol. Should you have the slightest health issue, make sure that you discuss your drinking habit with your physician – how much and how often you are allowed to drink might be a life saver.

Good to know

Wine stimulates salivation and the production of peptic acid in the stomach, and boosts your bile and pancreas, helping digestion. That is why it is best to be consumed before or during a meal. Stick to the recommended one glass, sip by sip, if you want to do your system good.