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September? Enjoy the Benefits of Wine

If you ever wondered why it feels and tastes better to sip wine with a heavy meal rather than on its own, here’s the answer: wine is a natural digestive - in moderation.

Indeed, good wine is a great source of antioxidants - so called polyphenols - that fight against free radicals, which could cause early ageing, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Not to mention that wine in moderation is a natural digestive and an effective stress reliever. Medical research usually focuses on French red wine, but recent studies proved that Hungarian wine is as good as the best of Bourdeaux or Languedoc when it comes to health benefits.
All studies agreed on one fact: that the goodness of wine peaks at 100ml a day. You can hardly expect to decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease if you exceed the recommended daily dose, recommended by Head Physician Dr. Adam Lelbach, who has been appointed last year to the „royal physician in ordinary” to H.R.H. Prince Dr. Salman, to the son of the previously deceased King Saud.

Good to know

- Take care to consume alcohol in moderation, as a regular daily intake of 20-30 grams of pure alcohol for women and 30-40 grams for men can damage your liver in the long run.

- The diabetics are better off drinking dry wine with low sugar content. If you suffer from reflux you should avoid drinking wine a few hours before bedtime.

- Jeanne Louise Calmenta lived in France for a record breaking 122 years. When asked to share her secret of longevity, she liked to say that the right diet and a good doctor is the key. She also mentioned that olive oil, a glass of port wine and fine chocolate are very important.

What to do?

Doctor’s Advice –
Dr. Adam Lelbach,
H. Associate Professor of Medicine, specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology

Autumn is the season of wine tasting events. If you know that you have a sensitive stomach it’s worth taking precautions before you have a painful culinary experience. Never go to a wine tasting on an empty stomach. Enjoy your wine with some snack, fatty food - such as cracklings, muffins or some bread in olive oil, to delay the absorption of alcohol. Light white and rosé wine are more gentle to your stomach while heavy red wine could irritate your stomach and cause discomfort. For the same reason you should avoid spicy food at a wine tasting event. Feel free to try different wines, but carefully watch how much you are drinking - those tiny sips quickly add up to a fair amount. Alcohol consumption is restricted or contraindicated in case of certain gastrointestinal-, renal- or pancreatic diseases or neurological conditions. If you take regular medication consult your doctor whether you are allowed to drink alcohol.