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Dr. Rose  Budapest Plastic Surgery Prices, Payment Options

For every surgery performed at Dr. Rose Budapest Plastic Institute, our specialists apply a tissue-friendly surgical technique that is the best for the patient based on his/her individual endowments and expectations in order to achieve a natural-looking outcome. As a result, surgery takes shorter, recovery is quicker, complications are easier to avoid and the expected healing time of scar tissue is less.
We utilize up-to-date and safe implants, absorbable suture and dressing materials. During the hospital stay, we provide our patients with the necessary medications (antibiotics, painkillers, anticoagulant injections) along with the attire. The various excellent quality compression garments, bras and ear bands developed and continuously tested specifically for this purpose are chosen by the specialist in accordance with the type of surgery performed and the individual needs of the patient. Depending on the type of surgery, the surgeon might also recommend you to wear elastic stockings or roll bandage to prevent the risk of thrombosis.

Just like in the case of any other operation, a preliminary consultation with our plastic surgeon is always necessary in order to discuss the details of the desired intervention. Only after this visit will our colleagues be able to prepare your personalized offer.

Payment options

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