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After delivery

While your baby was growing inside your womb, you had a secret connection with him founded on feelings and emotions. But after he is born, a new phase of getting to know each other is in store for both of you: you learn to understand the signs your baby gives, while he memorizes sensations through smelling, tasting, touching and seeing. His impressions are strongly connected to the outer world, and primarily to you, his mother.

This new type of bonding through touch and bodily contact makes the connection stronger between the two of you day by day. When you baby cries, now you can tell apart whether he cries out of hunger, fatigue, discomfort or pain.

You also master how to care for your infant: you become an expert on how to feed, bathe and put him to sleep. You establish a daily routine for the whole family with the baby and the father that will bring a reassuring stability into your new lifestyle.

The pediatrician and the health visitor join the process time and time again: as a part of their job, they help the family to get accustomed to the new situation and give advice on how to get into a new routine.

Soon everything will fit together, managing your life together will become easy and simple. You will get back into shape physically before you notice it and as a result of some mental changes, your new role as a mother will become a natural part of your lifestyle.

Physical changes following delivery
The first weeks at home
Mental changes following delivery