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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Pediatric Ophthometry

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology is a medical field that requires a special approach when it deals with children. Our pediatric optometrists are excellent and experienced professionals capable of treating children with the utmost patience and care. Examining children requires a different communicative approach from the specialist, because the patient might not know letters and numbers yet.

The aim of pediatric optometry screenings is to diagnose faulty refraction and strabismus in time, to prevent the development of amblyopia.

During an optometric examination – just like with adults – we check and treat worsening of eyesight, ophthalmia and other eye-related disorders. The general condition of the eye is also assessed, because it provides information on other diseases of the body – specialists of other fields (such as a pediatrician, neurologist) might request a check-up on the eyeground in order to rule out a possible disease.


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